owlDrive goes Mesh for object animation

A new challenge for our owlDrive.
Actually, we focused on moving robots with the owlDrive. But a customer became aware of our software synchronized motors and asked us to control more than 130 motors synchronized to animate an object and move it synchronized. We didn't have such a high number of networked controllers in mind during development and neither did the animation, but after checking the requirement, we were able to determine that the owlDrive masters these requirements, with very little adaptation to the software. Among other things, we still must integrate a 4th operating mode, which reaches the specified end position in a given time. Actually, you specify the speed at which the point is to be reached. If, however, in a synchronized lifting function, the first motor must lift the object by one meter, but the last motor has to lift it 2 meters, the first motor would reach the end point in half the time. But we want both motors to reach their end point at the same time. But that's not an issue for our powerful controller, even if it requires more than 130 motor units to synchronize within a few milliseconds. Thus, the owlDrive can now also be used as a modification as owlMashDrive for mechanical animations and synchronized sequence controls. Do you also have complex applications in which motors have to behave synchronously? We would be happy to check whether the owlDrive can also easily implement your requirements. (Video, theoretical simulation of networked owlDrive-controlled motor network)

About owlRobotics GmbH

owlRobotics GmbH stands for high precision navigation algorithms for self driving robots like lawn mowers and similar vehicles, based on our Sunray-OS or open standards.

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