Operating software for outdoor self driving robots with cm-precision navigation


For a faster implementation of your development, we advise and support you in your robot development.


Hardware development for owlRobotics and customer hardware and adaption to there mechanics.


Remote and onsite support for project and owlRobotics products.

owlRobotics specializes in Robotic, LiDAR and GPS-RTK applications.

We provide consulting and development support for LiDAR and GPS-RTK SLAM and control applications. In our online shop you will find LiSARs and our self-developed brushless driver, owlDrive, as special components for robot vehicles. All components we offer are tested and recommended by us. In addition, we are a consulting partner of LS LIDAR, a manufacturer of high-quality LiDARs that provide solutions for many specialized applications.

Robot Operating System (ROS) is a set of software libraries and tools that help us build robot applications. We use ROS for our LiDAR and Robotic software development but we write also new functions for ROS libraries .
owlRobotics is able to expand any vehicle platform with its hardware and software into an autonomously driving robotic vehicle in order to use them as application-specific work equipment.
We specialize in robot navigation with GPS and LiDAR, and can also implement many other applications for LiDARs. Be it the recognition of objects, shapes, fill levels and much more
Special hardware is often required for optimal integration. owlRobotics develops its own hardware and PCB and, above all, hardware-related software. This means that we are also able to develop suitable sensors and actuators for your robot.

ROS Software Development

Autonomous Robotics Engineering

LiDAR Consulting & Applications

Hard- & Software Engineering

Animations for Artworks & Showcases

Animations for Artworks & Showcases
owlDrive mesh for animations and other meshed purpose

Our Mission and Competencies

owlRobotics GmbH stands for high-precision navigation algorithms and route planning for self-driving robots, from lawn mowers and professional cleaning robots up to self-driving industrial and agricultural robots, based on our Sunray OS or the ROS robot operating system.
owlRobotics supports with consulting, in the development and production of robot solutions, self-driving robots with GPS-RTK and LiDAR.
With the brushless motor driver solution OwlDrive, owlRobotics also offers components developed in-house.
Navigation, obstacle detection and route planning are the main tasks for self-driving robots, for which owlRobotics evacuates the appropriate LiDAR and GPS components and develops software and SLAM solutions to locate and navigate a robot with centimeter-accurate navigation in all topologies and environments.





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About owlRobotics GmbH

owlRobotics GmbH stands for high precision navigation algorithms for self driving robots like lawn mowers and similar vehicles, based on our Sunray-OS or open standards.

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