To make the best use of resources and thus save money at the end of the day, you need to know what the current state of your infrastructure is. The owl Robotics Sensor Value Mapping helps to measure values on an area and to display them with centimeter accuracy in a map of the area, as a heat map.
With this precise representation, for example, a farmer can optimize the use of fertilizer in the field, a company can ensure the coverage of his wireless network on the company premises, a fruit grower can optimize the use of his irrigation system to save water and many other applications.
The navigation hardware and software can be installed in an autonomous robot that permanently scans the surfaces and determines the values, or on any other vehicle that can be used to take measurements, such as a forklift that measures the permanent WiFi quality in a warehouse or the quality of the air.


Together with our partner Grau GmbH, we have a new innovative pushbox solution available for our customers in our online shop. The pushbox is now also available as a version with joystick and two buttons. This version behaves like a 6 pushbox, with buttons 1-4 representing the axes of the joystick and buttons 5 & 6 representing the buttons. This means that it is now also possible to operate a control system with the joystick pushbox. The well-known functionality of the pushbox simulates a USB keyboard and can be programmed easily and individually. Pressing the button sends a single character, a long string, or a command to your PC. Evan can be programmed a mouse interaction.

The owlDrive is originally designed for robotics applications without the background of operating more than 62 of them simultaneously in one chassis. Due to the requirement to control significantly more motor drivers synchronously, we have developed the owlDrive mesh as a software variant. This means that we can now go to the physical limits of the CAN bus and form device clusters to enable animations of several hundred motors in one animation project.
The owlDrive mesh is not available in the online shop, as it must be adapted to the requirements of the respective animation as part of a project, including the control technology.
Would you like to implement your trade fair demo, art project or other animations with the owlDrive mesh? Then please feel free to contact us.




136 winches for an animated ceiling of ~10m  x 5.5 m.




Control and simulation program to control 136 owlDrive winches for a synchronic animation.


The artwork Absent Sky is an approx. 5.5m x 10m spatial installation, in which the absolutely black ceiling in the white room moves like a cloud and exerts a breathtaking effect on the viewer. The technical peculiarity is the material of the ceiling, it is made of a fabric with nanotubes that absorbs over 99.9% of the light and is therefore absolutely black to the eye. But the animation is also a technical feature.
The fabric hangs on 136 winches, which move the fabric up and down via strings. The winch or its motor is controlled by the brushless controller owlDrive, which is coordinated with the central control program via CAN bus communication. Each of the 136 owlDrive is permanently monitored and controlled with 5-10 commands per second. For this purpose, we have extended the CAN protocol to be able to operate a significantly higher number of owlDrive synchronously.

Link to the Artist:



Have you ever used a PC keyboard with work gloves?
This is also conceivably unsuitable for daily use in production. Are you looking for simple, robust controls to issue commands on your PC? Then our push buttons and Pushboxes are just right. With the accompanying software, you can assign an individual character, command or even a mouse action to each key.
With this solution, one of our customers equipped their welding center and got rid of the keyboard and mouse. So that the welders now only press the industry-standardized button to request more material, to report the orders ready and much more.
The possible applications are manifold. You can find our Pushbuttons and Pushboxes here in the obline shop.



About owlRobotics GmbH

owlRobotics GmbH stands for high precision navigation algorithms for self driving robots like lawn mowers and similar vehicles, based on our Sunray-OS or open standards.

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