BLDC driver (prototype)

A look through the keyhole of our development laboratory.

Getting a motor spinning is not difficult but keeping this rotation constant and powerful over the min. to max. speed, even under load changes and then also to react quickly to the speed control, is already a challenge that many products cannot cope with.

Although a lot of controller ICs are offered for such applications, they are only available to a limited extent due to the chip crisis and show weaknesses in the broad robotics application and the many different motors.
Therefore, we have decided to develop our own motor controller, which is essentially based on software and can be configured by us for all conceivable applications and motors.
For our controller, we use Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithms that calculate an optimized magnetic flux density and torque in vector mathematical calculation and control them in the form of optimized stator currents. With this method we can control both brushless motors and stepper motors. The controller supports 3 basic modes:
- Voltage controlled, here it regulates the operating voltage (current) of the motor.
- Velocity, the controller adjusts to a given speed.
- Angle, here the motor holds a predetermined angular position (gimbal mode).
In detail, an open or closed control loop can also be selected, with which the motor can then keep the specifications constant by readjusting.
But not only the software should be flexible, but the hardware should also cover a broad spectrum. There are currently 3 versions planned 2 brushless and later a stepper motor version. The brushless controllers will be available as a "small" version up to approx. 150W at max 30 V and as a "large" version with a few hundred watts at up to 72V. We plan to have the 2 brushless controllers ready for the market in spring 2023. Such a FOC motor driver is interesting for your products / applications, and you are interested, then contact us or leave a personal message.

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