The illuminated USB pushbox

Hardware development: The illuminated USB pushbox

Our Partner Grau GmbH has an innovative solution for customers who will control computer interaction with a simple button. Especially in production areas where touchscreens and keyboards are not suitable. The Grau GmbH USB pushbutton and USB pushbox is a “simple” push button solution with an innovative software functionality. The box is simulating an USB keyboard and can be programmed simple and individual. Pushing the button sends a single character, a long string or command to your PC. Evan a mouse interaction can be programed.

owlRobotics GmbH has brought an innovation into this product. We developed a new hardware for an illuminated version of the USB pushbox. With this, the user gets an illuminated feedback by pushing the button. This can be a solid shining color, blinking and flashing light, color or brightness changing.
With programmable RGB-LEDs, we can define nearly each color and can also control the brightness of each illuminated button.

Actual, the illuminated USB pushbox is in the software beta phase. We are testing it right now. It will be available, soon.
If you are looking for a simple user interface for your production line, for a customer demo on your next fair or where ever you need a user interaction, the illuminated USB pushbox is the right choice for all, not security relevant, purpose.
You can’t wait until the illuminated USB pushbox is available?
Please drop an e-mail and give us a short description about your use, then we find a way to help you.


 Find the product in our partner onlineshop : here


About owlRobotics GmbH

owlRobotics GmbH stands for high precision navigation algorithms for self driving robots like lawn mowers and similar vehicles, based on our Sunray-OS or open standards.

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